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Sim Card City Card

Travelers travel to their places of choice. But they need Sim Card City Card and Guide. At that time it became difficult to collect them. Because time is not in their hands. So they need to be collected beforehand. One needs to go online and take the help of such websites. And order Sim Card City Card Guide.


Drimsim is the first universal SIM card and free app for travelers. It is a real SIM card.
It’s plastic and with a chip, like any other. You can insert it into your phone, tablet or router. The difference is that it is not tied to an operator. As your plane lands in a new country,
Drimsim is immediately ready for work.
It operates in 229 countries, provides stable communication, a fast Internet and prices almost like local operators.
You can call your friends, and they can call you. You can chat, post photos, make routes and not be afraid that you will spend all your money on roaming.


Go City Card

Multi-attraction passes for the top tourist destinations worldwide at up to 65% off the initial cost

GoCity is the perfect option for travelers who plan on visiting multiple attractions and sights.


  • The program offers tourists the opportunity to save up to 55% of the initial cost of entrance tickets to various museums, tours, and attractions
  • Go City offers travelers multi-attraction passes for the most popular tourist destinations around the globe

Insurance Card


Online platform for comparing and selling travel insurance

Cherehapa is an online service for comparing and issuing insurance products from the leading insurance companies. Cherehapa helps users select the best insurance option, compare offers from different companies, and buy an e-policy online.


Attraction tickets, unique tours and travel necessities like SIM cards and airport transfers around Asia.


Tours, attractions, shore excursions, and private guides in over 2,700 destinations worldwide.

With Viator, a TripAdvisor company, you are partnering with the world’s leading resource for researching, finding, and booking the best travel experiences worldwide.

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